essential things to keep in your car

Essential Things To Keep in Your Car


A road is always unpredictable. Yes, it certainly is, even if you’re commuting to work or park at the nearby mall. Thus it’s vital to keep some sort of essential car items at hand. But what are they? There are at least ten things to have in your car at all times. No claims that it’s the ultimate list of must-have car items, though. In this blog, we’re giving you a brief overview of the essential things to keep in your car.


An absolute #1 ‘must-have’ is water. Don’t hesitate to put a bottle into your cupholder or glovebox. Firstly, it can prevent your vehicle from overheating if there is an issue with a coolant. Secondly, water supply is a necessity if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Finally, water is the best tonic that keeps you concentrated while driving and prevents dehydration.

First-aid Kit

It’s better never to use a first-aid kit than not to have it at all. You don’t know for sure what can happen while you’re en route. What if somebody is injured in a collision and needs help? What if a cyclist rides in front of you spontaneously? Then you may need a first-aid kit. 

What should be in an emergency car kit? Plenty of stuff: bandages, sterile gauzes, ointments, medical tape, scissors, a pair of disposable gloves, and some medicines. Remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Owner’s Manual And Copies of Documents

It can sound so generic, but still, we remind you about these. Keeping the insurance and registration papers at hand is required by US laws. The owner’s manual is a sort of an FAQ regarding your vehicle. A warning light came on? Check its meaning in the owner’s manual. Have you got a flat tire? Read on the owner’s manual to be aware of the required psi.

A Spare Tire, A Lug Wrench, A Tire Pressure Gauge, and A Jack

essential things to keep in your car

You’ve read correctly: all these things should come together. Otherwise, fixing/replacing a flat doesn’t make sense. Nobody can ever be protected from getting a spare tire. Before embarking on a trip, make sure you have a properly inflated spare tire and these tools. Take a look at our comprehensive step-by-step guide to change a tire. Just in case you’ve never practiced.

Jumper Cables or A Jump Starter Kit

A dead battery is a culprit of misfortunes for thousands of drivers. Sometimes you can forget to switch off your headlamps, so you will likely find your car powerless the next day. How to prevent it? Get jumper cables or a jump starter kit. These cables are essential items to keep in a car. However, a jump starter kit can help you recharge your vehicle without a fellow motorist’s help.

A Multipurpose Tool

Should you need a screwdriver or a knife during your road trip, who knows. A multipurpose tool will do in any unforeseen situation. Don’t forget to stash it in your glovebox or a trunk just in case.

A Fire Extinguisher

Again, safety is the highest priority. Never compromise anything related to the safety of the vehicle. Fire extinguishers are available in all sizes and shapes at a reasonable price. Make sure you have one inside your car.

A Roll Of Duct Tape

Yes, we aren’t kidding. Grab one for your car in case something cracks, bents, or starts leaking. We don’t guarantee that it will cure the problem. At least, it will give you peace of mind before you find the nearest service station.

A Pair of Gloves

They will be handy if you don’t mind doing some minor repairs along the way. Not only can they prevent you from getting messy, but also from minor cuts and scratches. Tissue gloves can prevent getting electrocuted as well.

A Blanket

If you pick up passengers after heavy rain, a blanket will save your interior from moisture and that odor. The same applies to those who take their pets in a car. A blanket will help you keep the interior clean.

Last Word

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