Top Used Eco-Friendly Cars


The automobile industry is seeing a new segment of buyers more interested in going green and driving environment-friendly vehicles. There has been an increase in demand for eco-friendly cars in the salvage industry. Low price tag of salvage vehicles is a catch for the buyers and if the car is eco-friendly, it is an added advantage. With the fall of the Volkswagen TDIs as truly clean cars, we took a look at what the cleanest cars on the market really were. The market has a large variety of salvage cars for auction, here are the ones we have found at auction which are the most Eco-Friendly:

Toyota Prius C

The perfect vehicle for city dwellers, Toyota Prius City has EPA ratings of 53 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway. The car has Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine, two electric motors and a planetary gearset to act as continuous variable transmission. The electric motor produces an instant peak torque, is nimble and more fun to drive as compared to its predecessor-Prius.

Nissan LEAF

The first purely battery-electric car, Nissan LEAF has a simple design and usability. The car doesn’t need oil, doesn’t have a gearbox, petrol tank and exhaust pipe and provides a comfortable driving experience. It delivers 254 Nm of torque immediately after a standing start and is almost silent at the top speed of over 90mph. The average cost of a full recharge of Nissan LEAF is $2.88.

Honda Civic Hybrid

The 1.3 liter engine and 20 horsepower electric motor make the Honda Civic Hybrid a perfect contender in the green cars segment. The battery of Civic Hybrid gets charged with the braking system and thereby makes it a more energy efficient vehicle. The car has four different operational modes – engine off, low speed valve timing, cylinder idle and high speed valve timing. Honda Civic Hybrid is the perfect mix of a fuel-efficient vehicle with sporty looks and ample space.

Chevrolet Volt

The eco-friendly vehicle by General Motors gives incredibly comfortable and smooth ride on gas or electric. The noiseless car feels like a spaceship when run all-electric. The 111 kW/150hp electric motor of the Volt is powered by 16 Volt Lithium batteries. It reaches up to 50 miles, when powered on one battery and all the travel is emission free. The average cost of a fuel recharge of Chevrolet Volt is $1.55.

All-electric and hybrid cars are now a mainstream reality. Besides providing fuel efficiency, the vehicles also enables you to get tax benefits from the government. When you drive a green vehicle, you are assured of causing the least harm to the environment and saving natural resources.

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