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Our Experience: We recently lost a car to bad accident (the first in over 10 years of racing, so a rare event) at Virginia International Raceway. In looking to replace the car, we wanted to build a BMW M4, but the costs of them are still high as they came out in 2015. So we decided to try finding a salvage title car that we could save. We started with CoPart and eRepairables and were so totally frustrated with the process that we were close to giving up. We decided to try one more car that we found at a nearby IAA salvage yard in Anaheim that we thought was a good candidate. But again, trying to do the buying process through IAA was not easy and as we got partway through, again found that they wanted us to have a dealer's license. In searching for dealer/broker to help us buy the car, thankfully found Using, it was so much easier to go through the process to get to the point where I could actually place a real bid on the car. Other sites make it sound easy, but then let you know how really hard it is once you've joined and paid their membership fee. With, there was no entrapment and I was even able to buy the first car without a membership fee. Just so much better than the competition. And once I was able to bid and won the car, your customer support (Olga in this particular case) was so helpful is getting us through the completion of the transaction. We are so happy to have been able the get the car we wanted and begin our process to turn it into our next race car. It made we want to tell everybody in the racing community how to get a salvage car to turn into a race car.
Huntington Beach CA
Hello it was my fist time doing this I was afraid of losing my money because I thought I wouldn't be a legit page but it's good, I don't like the late fees.. Overall it is pretty good job guys
Elmwood Park IL
You were amazing through the whole experience I have been very pleased with salvage bid!
Beachwood NJ
Was nervous as this was my first auction purchase and first time with Salvagebid. Everything went flawlessly! I couldn't be any happier with how things went. I'd recommend you guys to anyone. Thank you again for answering all my questions and take time to explain how everything works.
Krakow, WI
These guys treat people like people. I love talking to them with any related issues; I know they are there to help me. I will not use anyone else. I love their customer service, they are the most courteous representatives, and they know how to speak to customers.
Soo, my dad has seen one of the Tesla bids and he's interested in it. How can he be sure the bidding is not a scam, this being the first time we use your services? I'd appreciate an answer.
Thank you for helping me with my purchase Olga, and all you're staff. You guys were awesome in helping me with everthing! is the best place for those who are looking for salvage cars or used car online. I really found this website to be very useful. Thanks for my beautiful used BMW.
They were so kind to me and answered all my questions with patience. They helped me go through the whole auction process smoothly even though it was my first time! Would recommend to others!!!
Crazy and lots of fun too! From bidding and winning to getting your car home, everyone are very helpful , i'd say pros in this business!!!!!
La Grande CA
If you don't understand how car auctions work just call Salvagebid. They do such a great job at explaining everything. The website looks nice and so easy to navigate. My dad and my brother use this auction all the time to buy and flip cars, its their favorite auction site.
Vancouver WA
I like this auction it's easy and fast and most important thing is their costumer service which is so helpful and friendly.
Riverside CA
I used Salvagebid for the first time and was very impressed with the service that I received, I was not sure on what to do or how to do it. I made several calls to customer service and they were very friendly and helpful and directed me in the way that I needed to go. There have been other companies that I have dealt with that wasn't as responsive or as understanding, expecting me to know their procedure. and that wasn't the case here. I will defiantly use them in the future. Thanks again Salvagebid.
Williamsburg, IA
I have visited many sites seeking to buy a Salvage SUV and got stuck in the myriad sites. Salvagebid came to my rescue with superb deals on a selection of vehicles and easy registration process. It was all simple, from selecting my Vehicle Type, and Bidding. Highly appreciated.
from Riverside CA
Bought my first motorcycle with Salvagebid. It was fast, easy, and straight forward. The gals who helped me out really know what they are doing. The website is well designed. Process was so easy, I may buy something else.
Vancouver WA
Salvagebid is a great resource for USA salvage market. I can do everything from my computer from bidding online to chatting with customer service to arranging shipping to Germany. It couldn’t be easier.
Auctions seemed complicated at first but once I placed my bid, Salvagebid helped me each step of the way from winning the auction to arranging shipping to getting the title. I'm addicted to this site now!
Denver, CO
Buying, restoring and reselling cars is my passion. Salvagebid helps me buy great cars at great prices. I’ve never been disappointed.
Saugus, CA
Salvagebid is so easy to use. They helped me buy the boat of my dreams for a fraction of the cost.
Bellevue, WA
I was a bit hesitant to purchase my first car though an auction. Tim in customer service helped walk me through the process and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend it.
Kansas City, KS